THOMAS Keyboard and Organ Upgrades

Pegasus MOSYS V9.0 Plus "Expert" for TGM3 / TGM4

  For Experts only!
Full and easy access to all relevant Effect-
Parameters of the Ketron SD2 and nine
additional Subsets to store them.
  Enjoy an exciting experience of Style-
Programming that is inspired by the integration of the Ketron Sounds and Effects.
Add a new dimension to your sequences with the new Samples, Drumsets and Effects and enjoy a new sound experience.
Read the MOSYS test report in O&K




THOMAS Upgrades your Instrument with a set of easy operating functions to join the Ketron SD2 seamless and comfortable.

384 superb Soundsamples
 32 brand-new, dynamic Drumsets
   4 new Multi-Effects

You can receive the Ketron SD2, including our
Software only, for a special price.


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