THOMAS Keyboard and Organ Upgrades

Pegasus MOSYS V8.0 Plus "Professional" for TGM3 / TGM4

Enjoy our new V8.0 PLUS
The new Setup-Programm including
"XPD-Effect" Subset
  Create new Setups with full access to the SD2
Sounds and Factory Effects Subsets just
following the the well known menues.
Change Combinations, Type and Intensity of the new Effects and save them in one of nine new USER-Subsets.  
Read the MOSYS test report in O&K




THOMAS Upgrades your Instrument with a set of easy operating functions to join the Ketron SD2 seamless and comfortable.

384 superb Soundsamples
 32 brand-new, dynamic Drumsets
   4 new Multi-Effects

Your can receive the Ketron SD2, including our
Software only, for a special price.


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