THOMAS Keyboard and Organ Upgrades

The THOMAS development team have created further exciting and new developments which will enhance your current musical instrument, and give you renewed enjoyment of which was previously not possible.
What was not possible, is now ready to fully expand your musical experience!   Enjoy a new journey to fully expand your current musical instrument into a new array of sound and vision..  
This comes to you from the cutting edge and forward thinking of Key4u (M) Sdn Bhd Company and its Programmer Dipl. Inf. Udo Spindeler (formerly advertising developer of the WERSI* company).  We present for your pleasure hardware and software upgrades.


Key4u Vertriebs GmbH, Germany
Key4u (M) Sdn Bdh, Malaysia

In 1982 Udo Spindeler joined WERSI* electronic GmbH  and  from now on he worked as
software developer, project manager  (Pegasus/Performer/PhonX/Rondo
/GoldenGate series and others), head of the R&D department and technical director.

In 1992 he started his own business and since 1994 he delievers new soft- and hardware products with his both own companies, Key4u Vertriebs GmbH Germany and Key4u (M) Sdn Bdh
in Malaysia for THOMAS


Musikcenter Rheinhessen
(in former times THOMAS World Of Music)

Christian Schmitt takes care of the distribution of the MOSYS software and will be happy to help you with any problems.

Whether repairs or extension of your instrument,
you're in good hands.

















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